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Make Noise René

Eurorack Module
Published February 2019
By Rory Dow

Size: 34HP. Current: +12V 235mA, -12V 0mA.Size: 34HP. Current: +12V 235mA, -12V 0mA.

Make Noise proudly promote the René as "the world's only 3D Cartesian Music Sequencer". I had no idea either, but it's been fun finding out.

The first incarnation of Make Noise's flagship sequencer module was released back in 2011. This new version takes the concepts introduced by the original and multiplies them by three.

A brief recap. The original René was a 4x4 grid of knobs with a matching grid of touch-plates. No change there. The knobs adjust step values and the touch-plates provide a variety of functions including gates, skips, quantisation and more. The X and Y axes of the sequencer can be clocked separately, allowing for complex sequences that are far longer than 16 steps. For example, if you clock only the X axis, your sequence will be four steps long and consist of the bottom row of four values looping endlessly. When the Y clock input receives a trigger, the sequencer moves up a row. By combining separate clock divisions or triggers to the X and Y clock inputs, real-time non-linear sequencing is possible. This is Cartesian sequencing,...

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Published February 2019