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Milab BDM01 | Media

Kick-drum Capacitor Microphone By Jack Ruston
Published January 2014

Hear For Yourself

The audio files below consist of the following: a blend of kick and overheads for each of the BDM01, the D112 and the D25 with the Yamaha kick drum (files 01-03, respectively). Then, leaving the D25 in place, I moved the BDM01 to the centre-of-kit position (04), and then to the snare (05). There are clips of the BDM01 on the Ludwig drum, both solo'd (06) and with overheads (07-08), and then isolated close-mic examples for the same drum using the D112, D25 and BDM01 (files 09-11, respectively). Finally, I've included a short sample from the bass (12). All these files were tracked using API 312 preamps to Pro Tools, via an SSL converter. There's no equalisation or compression, but I have removed unused headroom and converted the files from 24 bit to 16 bit.