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Moog Model D

Synthesizer App For iOS
Published July 2018
By Gordon Reid

Moog Model D

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to release a soft synth that sounded vaguely like a half‑remembered recollection of a vintage synth you once heard. They now tend to be damn good, and they’re getting better all the time. So how do you make a new one stand out from the crowd? Emulating one of the classics as accurately as possible is one way. Being the original manufacturer recreating that classic is another. But how about being the original manufacturer and recreating a synth that is itself a recreation of the most classic synth of them all? That should do it.

The Model D app is based upon the 2016 Minimoog Model D — the one with the dedicated LFO and additional modulation routings — rather than the original Minimoog, so that’s the synth against which I compared it. It was immediately apparent that the emulation is...

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Published July 2018