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OTO Machines Boum

Analogue Stereo Dynamics Processor
Published January 2019
By Rory Dow

OTO Machines Boum

With their usual idiosyncratic approach to audio, OTO Machines have created a processor that will surprise and delight.

The Boum is the latest industrial‑styled desktop effects unit from the French company that brought you the Biscuit. You would be forgiven for detecting similarities between the two products, both being primarily stereo distortion boxes with an analogue filter. But whilst the now‑discontinued Biscuit focussed on lo-fi 8-bit distortion, Boum aims for a more grown-up sound.

The word ‘boum’ translates from French as either ‘bang’ or ‘party’ depending on whether you use the masculine or feminine noun. I point this out not to educate or even catalyse sniggering at the back of the class (though it may), but because it gives a clue to the ethos of the box. The Boum wants to take your audio, challenge it to a game of beer pong, follow it up with some tequila slammers and leave it dancing on the table at 3am.

Boumin’ ’Ell

The Boum completes an unholy trio of ruggedly styled OTO products, the Bam, Bim and Boum. All share the same...

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Published January 2019