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Roland TM-6 Pro

Trigger Module
Published December 2018
By Mark Gordon

Roland TM‑6 Pro

Roland’s TM‑6 Pro module could be the perfect way to combine electronic and acoustic drums.

Until the early 1980s, drumming had remained the last bastion of acoustic performance in a typical pop or rock band. Bassists, guitarists and, of course, keyboard players had long since moved into the area of electronics, whether for amplification or augmentation of their sound. Then, in 1981, Simmons changed the face of drumming with the introduction of the first electronic drum kit. Although not quite representative of the ‘true’ sound of a drum kit, the first electronic kits introduced a weird, quirky and futuristic sound to the drummer’s palette, very much in keeping with the music of the time.

As the decades passed, industry big hitters such as Roland, Yamaha, Alesis and many more joined the electronic drum revolution, and electronics are now a familiar part of the drummer’s arsenal. In fact, the ability to integrate samples and loops has become almost essential in order to replicate complex album productions in a live performance scenario.

This ‘hybrid’ model of acoustic and electronic sounds has not only increased in popularity but also complexity. The need to integrate samples, loops, click tracks and effects can seem like a complex technological minefield — and also potentially expensive. Devices such as the Roland SPD‑SX sought to make things a little easier with their ‘all in one’ pads and sampler design, but now a new generation of hybrid modules seeks to take things a stage further by adding even...

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Published December 2018