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Signum Audio Bute

Loudness Analyser Plug-in
Published July 2018
By Hugh Robjohns

Bute Analyser in action. The red flags indicate points where the signal exceeds the true-peak threshold.Bute Analyser in action. The red flags indicate points where the signal exceeds the true-peak threshold.

Signum Audio’s comprehensive loudness measurement tools are flexible enough to cater for all current and future standards.

While it’s self-evident that the most important tool for mixing is the human ear, it’s also true that the ear can be easily fooled. As a consequence it continues to be essential to support those critical listening skills with a reliable reference metering system: specifically, one that can analyse the ‘loudness’ of the material against the appropriate parameters for the various media streaming platforms that dominate the consumer music experience today.

One of the latest additions to the multitude of loudness meter plug-ins now available comes from Signum Audio, Scottish audio software developers with 25 years of experience creating elegant user interfaces. The company currently offer their Bute Loudness Analyser both on its own and in the extended Bute Loudness Suite, which combines the analyser with a true-peak...

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Published July 2018