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Spitfire Audio BT Phobos

Polyconvolution Synthesizer Plug-in [Mac/Win]
Published July 2018
By Dave Stewart

The Phobos interface houses four sound source units, three convolver units and the central convolution triangle, which routes and mixes signals into the convolvers.The Phobos interface houses four sound source units, three convolver units and the central convolution triangle, which routes and mixes signals into the convolvers.

A collaboration with a renowned composer and electronic music pioneer launches Spitfire Audio into outer space.

Internationally renowned artist, visionary producer, industry pioneer, prophet, technological wizard, superstar DJ, musical genius... Most of us would be content with just one of these accolades, but Brian Transeau seems to have acquired the full set. Better known as BT, this American composer, multi-instrumentalist, programmer, technologist and software developer has won a well-deserved reputation as a trailblazing artist, producing high-quality trance and intelligent dance tracks before anyone had dreamed up names for those genres. A combination of super programming skills, uncanny sonic dexterity and a deep musicality honed by years of conservatory study have combined to produce a musical polymath, a digital Renaissance man of the 21st Century. Peter Gabriel called him “not only a virtuoso programmer, but an extremely gifted musician,” high praise from an artist known to work only with the best.

Highlights of BT’s recording career include the critically acclaimed This Binary Universe (2006) and the orchestral Electronic Opus, launched by a Kickstarter campaign which raised a quarter of a million dollars. In between making 10 solo albums, BT fitted in a string of live appearances and teamed up with iZotope to create commercial versions of his Stutter Edit and Break Tweaker plug-ins, the former named after his much-copied trademark programming style. However, his first and enduring love is film music, as evidenced by scores for The Fast & The Furious, Monster and the Anthony Hopkins vehicle Solace.

Developed in conjunction with Spitfire Audio and developer Martin Robinson, the Phobos synthesizer plug-in...

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Published July 2018