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Sunset Sound S1P Tutti | Media

Audio files to accompany the article. By Hannes Bieger
Published November 2014

Sunset Sound S1P: Audio Examples

To demonstrate the sound of this preamp, I captured a couple of vocal takes. Both takes were recorded with a Neumann U67 straight into the preamp — a classic recording chain that’s been employed at Sunset Sound numerous times, for instance on many of Mick’s and Keith’ vocals on the Exile On Main Street sessions. This is not exactly the most ‘hi-fi’ sounding combination, but it offers a thick and solid midrange that takes EQ pretty well. When the input is driven hard, the overall sound becomes a bit darker and even more dense, and a slight ‘sizzle’ on the transients shows how round and pleasantly the class-A circuitry breaks up when pushed a little further.

01: Standard setting

02: Input driven hot, output fader lowered

Download | 7 MB
Published November 2014