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Teaching Machines Wellspring | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Neil Rogers
Published April 2024

The audio examples available on this page accompany my review of the Wellspring Spring Reverb unit by Teaching Machines. I've provided a few examples of how I enjoyed using it during the review period. Included are before and after examples and a brief description of my settings.

01_Female Vocal_RAW

An example of a female vocal by an artist called Naomi Randall.

02_Female Vocal_Spring

This is the sound of the wellspring with all the extra features switched off. Just the 'neat' springs.


In this example I've shaped the tail of the spring reverb using a combination of the Low-pass filter and some gentle, slow modulation. I've also added some parallel-style delay with the feedback at around 50%.


A close mic capture of a snare drum.


The Wellspring features a great sounding analogue Delay and this is an example of a rhythmic style delay used on a snare drum. This is with the ping-pong setting and with a touch of spring reverb.


This is an electric guitar part I recorded with a Beyerdynamic M160.


In this example I've leaned heavily on the modulation to create a rhythmic flange/chorus type effect. The spring reverb is off here.


In this example I've used the same modulation settings but with some spring reverb blended in and the 'Magic' control at around 50%.