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Vanguard Audio Labs V1S+Lolli Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Neil Rogers
Published February 2020

The pine wood box that houses the Vanguard Audio Labs VS1+Lolli mic collection and capsules.The pine wood box that houses the Vanguard Audio Labs VS1+Lolli mic collection and capsules.

Check out these audio files that accompany our V1S review.

The audio files available on this page accompany my review of the Vanguard Audio Labs V1 Multi-Capsule FET microphone system in SOS February 2020 issue. I was impressed with what you got for your money with the V1 set and I've made some audio examples so you can hear for yourself what the system has to offer. All of the examples were recorded without any compression or EQ.

01_Acou GTR_Omni

I used an acoustic guitar as a way of comparing the different capsule options available. I tried hard to make sure the mic was always in the same place but, obviously, there will be some slight variation in performance between the takes. This is the 22mm Omni capsule pointed towards the 13th fret and about 10 inches back from the instrument. For all the acoustic guitar takes I used the onboard preamps on my Audient ASP8024 desk.

02_Acou GTR_Wide Cardioid

This is the 22mm Wide Cardioid Capsule in the same position.

03_Acou GTR_Cardioid

An example of the 22m Cardioid capsule.

04_Acou GTR_Hypercardioid

The 22mm Hypercardioid capsule.

05_Acou GTR_LOLLI_Cardioid

This an example of the large diaphragm Lolli capsule in the same position. The capsule was in its Cardioid setting.

06_Acou GTR_LOLLI_Omni

The Lolli capsule in its Omni setting.

07_Drum Overheads

I used the 22mm Cardioid capsules in an X/Y configuration above a drum kit. This is how it sounded. The preamps were API 312 models.

08_Male Vocal

An example of the Lolli capsule in Cardioid mode on a Male vocal. I've recorded this singer a lot and his voice can be quite sibilant. The preamp was a Neve 1073LB.


This is how the Lolli capsule, again in Cardioid mode, sounded on a Cello. The preamp was a Neve 1073LB.

Published February 2020