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February 2020 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) February 2020

Reviews: Antelope Orion Studio Synergy Core interface • Clavia Nord Grand • Korg Volca Nubass • Oeksound Soothe 2 plug-in • Roland MC101 & MC707 grooveboxes • Fluid Audio FX80 monitors • Radikal Delta CEP A synth • Steinberg Dorico 3 scorewriter • Weiss A1 500-series preamp • Vanguard V1S+Lolli mic set • Source Audio Collider • Kii Audio Three BXT speakers • BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury & Iridium Edition amp pedals.

Techniques + People: Understanding Speaker Specifications (front cover) • SOS Awards: The Results • Laura Sisk: Recording Lana Del Rey • Rackmounting Mixer Channel Strips • Inside Track: Luke Combs • Mix Rescue... + Reaper and other DAW workshops.



Sound Advice


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    Laura Sisk: Engineer

    Recording Lana Del Rey's 'Norman' Album

    Her ability to balance the human and the technical sides of recording has made Laura Sisk one of the US's most in-demand engineers.

    People .
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    Nothing But The Truth


    Most of the time we're on the lookout for plug-ins, pedals and processors that help us create interesting sounds —...

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    The Mix Review | February 2020

    Commercial Productions Analysed

    To help you brush up on your listening skills, we examine the production of recent hits by Selena Gomez, Travis Scott, Maroon 5 plus a classic mix from Roxette.

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    Why I Love... My Car

    Chris Korff

    For all the headaches it's caused my mechanic, my car has been of huge value to my musical life. My mobile disco lets me indulge my guiltiest musical pleasures without fear of judgement...


Music Business

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