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Leapwing Audio DynOne v3

Multiband Dynamics Plug-in By Sam Inglis

Leapwing Audio DynOne v3

Is this unassuming plug-in a great leap forward in mastering compression?

Leapwing Audio have built a business out of developing tools that perform familiar tasks in innovative ways. Their CenterOne and StageOne plug-ins bring fresh thinking to common problems that afflict stereo files, such as a lack of width or an over-prominent phantom centre. Both enable issues to be resolved and mixes enhanced in a very transparent, mono-compatible fashion, making it easy to achieve results that would be impossible or heavily compromised with more conventional stereo width processors.

With DynOne, they've turned their attention to dynamics processing, again with mastering being the primary application. DynOne is, at root, a five-band compressor/expander, but as you'd expect from Leapwing, it has some distinctive features of its own. Perhaps the two most significant of these are, firstly, that it's intended primarily for use as a parallel processor, and second, that it employs what Leapwing call 'adaptive' attack and release times. What this means in practice is that instead of setting a single attack and release time, or clicking a button labelled Auto, you set minimum and maximum values in each case. DynOne then intelligently adjusts the time constants within the boundaries you specify.

Live & Let Dyn

DynOne is available in all the usual native formats, and is authorised using a serial number and a unique identifier for your computer. Its graphical interface is clear and smart-looking, but notably devoid of any sort of FFT or other graphical display of frequency content. All the parameters are adjusted either using sliders or numerical fields, which respond to clicking and dragging in a swift and predictable fashion, but it's not as user-friendly or as fast to set up as a plug-in like FabFilter's Pro-MB, where you can drag the bands and...

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Published February 2020