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Qu-Bit Bloom

Eurorack Module By Paul Nagle

Billed as a 'fractal sequencer', Qu-Bit's Bloom is a two-channel step sequencer with a difference. Its unique selling point is its generation of variations on a base pattern — a concept illustrated in the manual using a tree trunk and branches. Since the variations are always built from the preceding sequence, more branches equate to greater deviations from the origin.

Qu-Bit Bloom. Size: 16HP. Current: +12V 82mA, -12V 0mA.Qu-Bit Bloom. Size: 16HP. Current: +12V 82mA, -12V 0mA.Colour plays a significant role, with RGB LEDs employed imaginatively throughout. The two sequencer channels are lit in blue and green but each has a spectrum of colours for the branches that may sprout. The result can be a mesmerising light show, particularly when channels have their own length, speed and direction.

Fortunately, you don't need to grasp the conceptual angle to get started. I'd advise connecting the CV and Gates to a couple of regular synth voices and plunging right in. (At this point you'll probably notice there's no start/stop button.) The channel button toggles selection of either the blue or green channel, but if held for a few seconds it will turn white, indicating both can be edited simultaneously.

Turning encoders to set the pitch, you make a pattern like any typical step sequencer, pressing encoders to toggle gate status. This base pattern is influenced by five knobs on the right–hand side, the first of which — 'root' — sets the root note within the current scale. The next most important is...

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Published February 2020