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Zero-G Creative Essentials Series

Sample CD Buyer's Guide By Dave Stewart
Published January 2000

Zero-G Creative Essentials Series

Rating: * 1/6 Stars

SS, Vns, Vas, Vcs, Dbs: All sus, spc, piz, trem.

Vn, Va, Vc: All sus, spc, piz, trem.

Comments: Technically, all the components of an orchestral string section, but the ensembles sound very small. Recorded in a fairly dry room with a little studio reverb added, this is an affordable starter package for would‑be orchestrators.

Standouts: None, but standard is reasonable throughout.

Quibbles: The sustained performances lack attack and have a slight built‑in crescendo, thus rendering them unsuitable for fast melody lines. A few pizzicato samples are marred by extraneous noises and there are no solo double bass samples, but at this price you can't really complain.

Contact: Time & Space

Mixed‑mode CD (Audio/WAV/AIFF) £19.95.

Volume 29: Woodwind & Brass Rating: * 1/6 Stars


Tpt, Ptp, Corn, Flg: All sus, stc, fpcr

Tbns, Tbn: Both sus, stc, fpcr, 4th/5th slides up.

Fhns, Fhn: Both sus, stc, fpcr, hunting call.


WS (Ob, Cla, Bsn): oct sus, oct stc.

Flt: sus, stc, trll, octave run up to trills.

Ob: sus, stc.

Cla: sus, stc, trll, octave slides up.

Bsn: sus, stc.

Cbsn: sus.

Comments: Cheap and cheerful, cleanly played and recorded brass and woodwind with a little added reverb. The room acoustic does not flatter the brass, but suits the woodwind well.

Standouts: Attractive oboe with a nice steady vibrato. I also liked the hunting calls — tally ho!

Contact: Time & Space

Mixed‑mode CD (Audio/WAV/AIFF) £19.95.

Volume 30: Orchestral Flavours Rating: *** 3/6 Stars

Comments: Whaddya know, it's those old Peter Siedlaczek Orchestra Plus samples (see details above) under a different name. Most of the original tutti and strings are intact; the only samples missing are the string section diminished arpeggios, some orchestral percussion samples and the log drums, ratchet, shaker and cowbell.

Contact: Time & Space.

£ Mixed‑mode CD (Audio/WAV/AIFF) £19.95.

Zero-G Creative Essentials Series