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Sequencers / Grooveboxes

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    Lonelady (Julie Campbell)

    LoneLady Soundworlds | Podcast

    Punch-and-crunch electro

    Created on sequencers, synths and drum machines in a basement bunker beneath Somerset House, London, LoneLady talks to Caro C about the making of her third studio album Former Things.

    People May 2023
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    Akai MPC X Special Edition production sampler workstation drum machine

    Akai Pro unveil MPC X Special Edition

    Most powerful MPC instrument ever

    Akai are celebrating 35 years of their MPC platform with the release of a new version of their flagship instrument that boasts a retro look along with increased processing power and storage. 

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    Toneworks Catalyst softsynth host arpeggiator chord harmoniser step sequencer parameter automation plug-in

    Toneworks release Catalyst host & sequencer

    Create complex softsynth parts without a piano roll

    Toneworks' first release is equipped with a comprehensive step sequencer, harmoniser and arpeggiator, and can either host software instruments directly, or control them via MIDI. 

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    Polyend Play

    Sample Sequencer

    Polyend’s Play takes a unique, and very hands‑on, approach to sequencing samples.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Cong Burn Strokes

    MIDI Sequencer Plug-in

    Strokes brings unconventional Eurorack‑style sequencing to your DAW.

    Reviews Jan 2023
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    Eventide Misha

    Eurorack Module

    A melodic interval-based sequencer from Eventide with a unique set of features.

    Reviews Jan 2023
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    Sonicware Liven Bass & Beats


    Sonicware’s Bass & Beats has a lot to offer, but you’ll have to work hard to get it.

    Reviews Jan 2023
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    Sync Outside The Box

    Keeping Synths & Grooveboxes In Time

    Going DAWless presents many challenges — not least keeping all your gear in sync...

    Techniques Jan 2023
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    Decyne4 Precyne hardware studio MIDI sequencer tracker SysEx MIDI Clock software

    Precyne from Decyne4

    Linear timeline editing for hardware studios

    Precyne is a new software MIDI sequencer which aims to provide users of predominantly hardware-based studios with DAW-like editing capabilities.

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    Chris Calcutt Novation

    Novation - 30th Anniversary | Podcast

    Grooveboxes, Controllers and Synths

    This year marks the 30th birthday of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synths, samplers and hardware controllers. In this podcast, Novation Product Specialist Chris Calcutt looks back over three decades of innovation.

    Music Business Dec 2022
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    Novation Circuit Rhythm firmware 2.0 sequencer groovebox update

    Novation Circuit Rhythm firmware updated

    V2.0 introduces Beat Match and Fixed Length Recording

    Circuit Rhythm's latest firmware update provides a host of new features which Novation say make the device more intuitive than ever to use.

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    Reason Studios Chord Sequencer update Player Device MIDI Effect DAW

    Reason Studios update Chord Sequencer

    Free update for popular device

    Chord Sequencer has received its first update, gaining a range of new content and features which aim to make customising chord progressions and finding new sounds both faster and easier.

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    Novation 30th anniversary giveaway competition win synths studio equipment

    30 years of Novation giveaway

    Company's biggest ever prize bundle

    Novation are celebrating their 30th year with a series of artist videos and a huge equipment giveaway.

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    Soundation Beatmaker online collaborative sequencer sampler DAW

    Soundation launch Beatmaker

    Collaborative online production platform

    Beatmaker from Soundation is a new online sequencer and sampler which allows users to collaborate in real time via their internet browser.

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    Elektron Song Mode update Digitone Keys Digitakt Syntakt

    Elektron introduce Song Mode feature

    New functionality for Digitakt, Syntakt and Digitone instruments

    Latest OS update brings a much-requested Song Mode feature to Elektron's Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone and Digitone Keys instruments. 

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    Akai Professional instrument history book kickstarter campaign

    The Rise of Akai Professional

    Kickstarter campaign to fund Akai book

    David Caulfield has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a book detailing the development of the Akai Professional products that put sampling and sequencing into the reach of musicians. 

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    Wave Alchemy TRIAZ

    Virtual Percussion Instrument

    Wave Alchemy’s TRIAZ could be all the percussion software you’ll ever need.

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Eurorack Sequencers

    Eurorack Modules

    There are a multitude of excellent Eurorack sequencers available in all shapes and sizes. Principally they all fulfil a...

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Akai MPC Key 61

    Sampling Production Workstation

    The MPC Key isn’t just an MPC with a keyboard, it’s a completely new species of workstation.

    Reviews Jul 2022
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    Akai MPC Key 61 workstation

    Akai launch MPC Key 61

    New workstation combines MPC drum pads with a 61-key synth/keyboard

    Akai's latest instrument combines an MPC with a keyboard/synthesizer, and offers a complete standalone production environment. 

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    Akai MPC feature update 2.11

    Akai MPC 2.11 update

    Update brings new plug-ins, browser and MIDI functionality

    A new feature update for Akai's MPC units is on the way, bringing with it a new browser, plug-ins and MIDI capabilities. 



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