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Juicy Loops 2: Max For Live sequencer

Polymetric sequencer gets an upgrade

M4L Juicy Loops FL Studio Fruity Loops sequencer Ableton Live

Created by independent developer Mariano Sibilia under the name of Yraki, the recently released Juicy Loops 2 is a Max for Live creation that brings FL Studio’s sequencer to Ableton Live users. It's proving to be a popular release, and has already caught the attention of pros such as Flying Lotus, Arca, Symbolyc One (Kanye, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem, Madonna), Mike Dean and Mount Kimbie.

The software originally launched in 2023 with the aim of bringing the iconic sequencing tool into Ableton Live’s unique production environment, and kitting it out with some new features along the way. With the release of the second version it has gained a refined user interface, and boasts six tracks that can each contain up to 32 steps and offer individual settings for creating polyrhythms. 

Other enhancements include the ability to adjust velocity on a per-step basis or create random values for each step, as well as fine-tuning velocity deviations using a percentage value and experimenting with different sequence directions. Velocities can be mapped as sequenced modulators in order to control external parameters — the developer has introduced a new Sample and Hold mode, too — and it is now possible to export patterns directly to Ableton Live channels as MIDI clips. 

Pricing & Availability

Juicy Loops 2 is available now and can be purchased for $£20, although you are free to donate more to support the developer should you so wish!

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