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JUCE 8 development platform released

Audio application & plug-in platform updated

JUCE 8 audio application plug-in development platform tool

JUCE have announced that the latest version of their audio application and plug-in development software is now available. JUCE 8 introduces some highly anticipated features such as substantial low-level improvements to text rendering, Direct2D rendering on Windows and a new animation framework. 

New Feature Highlights

  • WebView UI: JUCE 8 comes stocked with all the cross-platform glue code and tooling needed to build UIs with favourite web frameworks. This means that developers can now onboard frontend web developers onto their C++ audio projects, as well as gaining instant access to cross-platform hardware accelerated graphics via WebGL.
  • Direct2D Renderer: Built on modern native platform APIs and taking advantage of hardware acceleration and GPU-backed images, JUCE 8 benefits from a brand new Direct2D renderer that promises dramatic rendering and performance improvements.
  • New Animation Framework: JUCE 8 boasts a brand new, fully featured animation module capable of everything from adding ‘sprinkles of delight’ to UIs or building complex graphs of intersecting animations. 
  • Improved Unicode Support: a new custom renderer offers consistent text rendering across platforms.
  • Faster JS Interpreter: Developers can now script JUCE applications using a modern JS features and a new, much faster, interpreter.
  • Avid AAX Plug-in SDK: An AAX plug-in SDK is now included, making it much easier to begin developing plug-ins for Pro Tools and Avid’s live sound product range.

 "JUCE 8 is an important milestone. The improvements to UI design workflows, rendering performance, and text handling are foundational, and will transform people’s audio software. Whether you're updating an existing project or creating something new, JUCE 8 will enable you to deliver higher-performance software in a shorter amount of time." - Tom Poole, Director, JUCE


System requirements for JUCE 8 are as follows:

For Developers (Compiling)

  • C++ Standard: 17
  • MacOS/iOS: Xcode 12.4 (Intel macOS 10.15.4, Apple Silicon macOS 11.0)
  • Windows: Visual Studio 2019 (Windows 10)
  • Linux: g++ 7.0 or Clang 6.0
  • Android: Android Studio (NDK 26) on Windows, macOS or Linux

For End Users

  • macOS: macOS 10.11
  • Windows: Windows 10
  • Linux: Mainstream Linux distributions
  • iOS: iOS 12
  • Android: Android 5 - Lollipop (API Level 21)

Pricing & Availability

JUCE 8 is available now, with the following pricing structure:

  • Starter: Free
  • Indie: $40 per user, per month / $800 perpetual
  • Pro: $175 per user, per month / $3500 perpetual

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