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Erica Synths announce EDU DIY Labor

Build & test your own Eurorack prototypes

Erica Synths Labor DIY Eurorack module prototyping station

The latest addition to Erica Synths and Moritz Klein’s educational DIY series has arrived, but this time, it’s not a Eurorack module! Whereas the previous releases have all provided users with the parts to create their own modules, Labor make its possible to build a prototyping station that can be used to experiment with their own designs. 

As with the previous offering in the series, Labor has been created to serve as a learning tool for those interested in synth design. It is aimed both at beginners and more experienced engineers, and can be put to use for exploring the basics of circuit design as well as testing out more advanced ideas and techniques. The company say that it can be used alongside the module kits in the DIY range, or serve as a platform for more advanced users to develop their own filters, oscillators, envelopes, sequencers and so on. 

Key Features

  • A dual power supply that produces Eurorack-compatible voltages, with built-in over-current protection for safe experimenting
  • A modular interfacing section with 16 slots for potentiometers, jacks and switches
  • A pulse/triangle/sine oscillator (audio & LFO range)
  • A multi-mode envelope generator controlled by a premium push button
  • A buffered variable control voltage source
  • An output amplifier with variable gain
  • A dedicated headphone output and a line-level output for recording, processing and analysing the signal
  • An expansion slot for installing specialised prototyping tools
  • A protective lid to cover a breadboard

Check out the video below where Mortiz Klein talks through Labor’s key features and demonstates how to put it to work!

Pricing & Availability

The EDU DIY Labor is available to order now, priced at €170 for the Basic Kit, and €195 for the Full Kit. Shipping is expected to commence on 18 June 2024.

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