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How To Arrange For Brass Instruments

(4 articles)

Find out all you need to know about creating masterful brass arrangements in your programmed music productions for a whole range of musical genres. We reveal top arrangement tips and insider tricks to choosing the right harmonies, that can add punch and spice to your compositions!


How To Spice Up Your Keyboard Chords

(5 articles)

Bored of the same old chord sequences? We explore some simple ways to spice up your keyboard chords.


How To Get Your Best Drum Sounds Playing Live

(2 articles)

We asked some of the world's leading engineers how they approach one of the most common yet complex instruments on stage: the drum kit.


How The Les Misérables Sound Team Reinvented Film Soundtrack Recording

(2 articles)

Find out how the Les Misérables technical crew were compelled to completely reinvent film soundtrack recording.


Logic: Recreating Ableton Live Beat Repeat

(3 articles)

We show how to recreate the functionality of Ableton Live's Beat Repeat using Logic.


Music Technology & Special Needs

(2 articles)

We spotlight some of the pioneering work in 'assistive technology' that is transforming the lives of people who are unable to play conventional musical instruments.

Selwyn Jazz in action.

How To Record & Mix A Big Band On Location

(4 articles)

From Tracking a Big Band on location to Mixing the end results. Includes audio examples you can download.


How To Arrange For Strings Using MIDI & Sample Libraries

(4 articles)

Learn how to create convincing string arrangements for any genre when using MIDI and orchestral sample libraries.


How Best To Use Groove Quantise In Steinberg Cubase

(2 articles)

Cubase 6 includes features that allow groove‑based quantisation of both MIDI and audio performances, and these articles look at each of these in turn.


How To Use Impulse Responses (IRs) In Reaper’s ReaVerb

(3 articles)

ReaVerb offers Reaper users a powerful convolution reverb within the DAW. Learn how to import, use and record your own impulse responses with this SOS guide.


How To Breathe New Life Into Your Drum Loops

(3 articles)

This series offers tips and techniques on how to get the most out of drum loops using tools found in Cubase 6.


How To Record & Produce Professional Voiceovers At Home

(3 articles)

More affordable recording gear, home studios and broadband Internet have made professional voiceover production at home a reality. Learn how to do it yourself in this article series.


How To Manage Backups In Cakewalk Sonar

(2 articles)

Learn the best ways to manage your day‑to-day data backups in Cakewalk Sonar in this 2-part series.


How To Create Scripts In NI Kontakt

(4 articles)

Learn how to take advantage of the powerful Script Processor feature in Native Instruments' Kontakt and customise your Kontakt patches any way you like.


How To Get Ahead In The Remix Business

(3 articles)

Remixing has turned into a viable way for hi-tech musicians to make money from their skills. But how do you get heard, how do you land a job, and how much should you charge to do it? We get you started with the insider's guide.


Advanced Mixing Methods in Logic Pro 8

(2 articles)

A professional producer and mixer passes on his favourite Logic mixing methods. This series provides mixing tips for bass and drums as well as techniques covering a variety of mixing scenarios.


Vocal Production In Logic Pro

(2 articles)

A production toolkit offering tips and techniques for Logic users producing vocals. This series explores processes including dynamics, tuning, vocoding, EQ and ambience.


Cwejman Synthesis Modules

(3 articles)

Wowa Cwejman is already in possession of a fine reputation for esoteric synth modules, but he hasn't run out of ideas yet. Take a 3-part exploration of his range of analogue synthesis modules.


Top Ultrabeat Tips & Techniques In Logic DAW

(2 articles)

Learn how to make the most of Ultrabeat, Logic's native drum and percussion synthesizer, in this SOS techniques guide.


Better Logic Scores

(2 articles)

Logic offers users all the tools to create professional scores and this guide covers everything from the basics to presentation that really looks the part.