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Article Series

Below you will find all our Article Series.


Effective Drum Programming

(4 articles)

The purpose of this 4-part series is to look at some of the basic principles of drum programming as the inspiration for creating your own loops. 


Practical Drum Miking

(2 articles)

Read about the way a drum kit works and the factors which influence how it's miked up and recorded. And if you're ever called upon to mike up or record a kit, perhaps you'll approach it with less trepidation after having read this short series.


Making The Most Of Your Emu Proteus

(2 articles)

Get your programming fingers dirty and unearth the hidden power of Emu's characterful sample-based sound modules. (Tips apply to all models of Proteus and related offshoots.)

Figure 3: Spacing two walls apart.

Practical Studio Design

(5 articles)

Welcome to our 5-Part in-depth series on recording studio design principles that work for most studio spaces.