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Using Reason Live

(3 articles)

This series of technique articles explores the many ways in which Reason can be used as part of a live music performance.


Using Waveburner

(2 articles)

Waveburner is bundled free with Logic Pro and offers some significant power in the mastering department. We take a look at the hidden jewel in Apple's crown.


How To Make A Living From Music For Picture

(9 articles)

Want to become a Media Composer? It's more than just having access to great sample libraries and virtual instruments. Learn what steps you must take to break into the lucrative world of scoring music for picture by following our in-depth series.


Pro Tools Mastering Limiter Shootout

(2 articles)

If you want to get maximum level out of your Pro Tools mixes, you need a mastering limiter. But which one? We put the leading contenders to the test.


On-line Mastering Services Shootout

(2 articles)

Is online mastering a real alternative or a false economy? We put the UK's leading services to the test.


How To Create Your Own Perfect Samples For Music Productions

(7 articles)

A comprehensive seven-part guide to sampling which focuses on the history, techniques and tips for creating your own samples and how to build sample libraries.


Korg OASYS: In-Depth Review

(2 articles)

An in-depth examination of Korg's OASYS workstation synthesizer, reviewed by Gordon Reid.


Preparing Your Music For Mastering

(2 articles)

We explore how to prepare your songs for mastering, what a mastering engineer can do for you, and the techniques and equipment used in mastering studios.


Roland V-Synth XT

(2 articles)

The V-Synth repackaged Roland's groundbreaking Variphrase technology, creating a powerful new kind of sample-based synthesis. Our two-part review looks at the rackmount V-Synth, and it's more powerful than the first.


Yamaha AW4416 User Tips

(2 articles)

Combining the guts of an 02R mixer with a fully featured multitrack recorder, Our hands-on workshop shows you how to make the most of the the Yamaha AW4416 and its combined multitrack and mixer capabilities.


The History Of Roland

(5 articles)

The Roland name is almost synonymous with music technology — there can't be an SOS reader who hasn't made use of their instruments at some time. We take a journey through the company's extraordinary history.


Roland VS2480 Masterclass

(2 articles)

Explore this workshop into the Roland VS2480, full of hands-on tips and tecniques for harnessing the power of Roland's monster multitracker.

Synth Secrets logo

Synth Secrets - From Sound On Sound

(64 articles)

Gordon Reid's classic 'synthesis explained' in-depth series ran in Sound On Sound every month, non-stop, over 5 years and is still used by Colleges and University courses as 'essential reading' when teaching the foundations of synthesis and sound design. We've collected all 63 episodes here, for ease and convenience.


Creative Synthesis With Yamaha XG

(3 articles)

Learn how to get the most out of the Yamaha XG sound module with this advanced techniques guide.


Synthesizing The Rest Of The Hammond Organ

(2 articles)

An integral part of the Hammond Organ's sound, synthesizing the effects of the Leslie Speaker effects involves considerably more than just adding vibrato, as we find out in this series.


Sound Design Power Tips For Roland XV & JV Users

(4 articles)

Most owners simply stuck with the presets available on the various XV and JV keyboards and sound modules, but delve beyond the surface and embrace the programming powerhouse of features they supply and it will reward your curiosity with a plethora of fabulous-sounding patches and sonic landscapes! This SOS series is your starting point...


Synthesizing Tonewheel Organs

(2 articles)

Long before Bob Moog built his first synth, there was the Hammond tonewheel organ. Learn about the characteristics of its sound and how to recreate it using synthesizers.


Recording A Jazz Band On Location

(2 articles)

We follow a location recording project from start to finish, showing you how to plan for and conduct the session, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls.


Running Your Own Record Label

(7 articles)

Why not start your own record label? Many of us think about it, but what would you actually need to do? Find out in this seven-part series.


Synthesizing Acoustic Pianos On The Roland JX10

(3 articles)

We find out how Roland managed to create the convincing acoustic piano sounds synthesized on the Roland JX10 in this three-part techniques deep-dive.