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Q. How do I set up a monitoring reverb inside Cubase?

I use Cubase SX v1 and I want to set up a reverb that the vocalist can hear during recording, but that doesn't get recorded with the vocal. Is there a good way to do this?

Steve Nunn

Features Editor Sam Inglis replies: Yes, in simple terms. But you need to switch Direct Monitoring off. (In Cubase 4, this can be found in the Device Setup / VST Audio System menu, but the menus have been reshuffled over the last few updates, so it's best to check your manual to locate its whereabouts). When you've done that, you should hear your input signals with any reverb or other effects you're sending to from the input tracks, but your signal will still be recorded dry. The down side is that you may have noticeable latency while recording in this mode.