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Q. Should I re-patch every time I need to use phantom power?

I have been using a Yamaha Promix 01 mixer for some time now. Because inputs 1‑8 are on XLR connectors only, I purchased an unbalanced loom to plug my sampler outputs into these channels. I also recently bought a Rode NT1 microphone which requires 48V phantom power to function. Unfortunately the Promix only has a global switch for its phantom power. Does this mean that I have to unplug my loom every time I want to use the microphone, to ensure I don't damage anything?

Oliver Smith

Editor Paul White replies: You shouldn't apply phantom power to a system that has unbalanced connections plugged into it, as you may damage the equipment on the other end of the loom. Also, depending on how the loom is wired, you may short out your phantom power source. This shouldn't hurt the mixer, but may prevent phantom‑powered devices working properly. Your best solution would be to buy a separate mic preamp with phantom power (the Yamaha ProMix 01 preamps aren't great anyway) and leave the mixer phantom power switched off.