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Q. How can I use an M&S mic technique without phase reverse on my mixer?

As a keen reader of Sound On Sound magazine, and with a great interest in recording techniques, I was really impressed with Paul White's new series of books concentrating on different aspects of recording and mixing. I bought seven different titles from the series and have learnt much from them.

I have tried out some of your techniques but am having difficulties with one stereo mic technique. It comes from the microphones book and concerns using two mics for M&S recording. In your book you suggest switching one of the mics out of phase, via the phase button on the mixing desk. Unfortunately, I don't have a phase button, so I've been trying to purchase a 'sum and difference' box, as you suggest in the book. I'm finding it difficult to locate one and wonder if you could help me?


Editor Paul White replies: Glad the books are useful. If you want to try the M&S mic technique but don't have a phase button, you can make up a special phase reverse cable instead, just by swapping the hot (pin 2) and cold (pin 3) leads of a balanced mic cable at the mixer end. This should do the trick, and it won't cost anything.