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Q. Where can I find multitrack recording sessions to practice my mixing skills?

I'm really interested in mixing, but I need decent material to practice on, and I don't think my performance and recording skills are up to that! Can you recommend anywhere I can find full recording sessions for Pro Tools or Cubase?

Via SOS web site

SOS Reviews Editor Matt Houghton replies: You don't really need to look for Pro Tools or Cubase projects specifically: you just need a bunch of multitrack audio files, all starting at the same point in time, just as if they were the recordings taken from a tape machine. That's how we take receipt of most of the mixes chosen for our Mix Rescue features. You can find many such 'multitracks' using a Google search, including some of rather questionable provenance (note that not all will be of great sonic quality!),Mike Senior's library of free multitrack downloads is a great resource for aspiring mix engineers out there who are looking for multitrack projects with which to practice. but one great resource is Mike Senior's library of free multitrack downloads. These include many of the Mix Rescue projects Mike and others have written up in the pages of SOS over the years — and those ones also have the benefit of including finished remixes, with a full explanation of how they were created. The page includes a number of other projects Mike has discovered or been granted access to over the years. Go to to find out more.