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Q. Why are my PC and multitracker playing back at different speeds?

Roland VS2480.Roland VS2480.

I have a Roland VS2480 connected to a PC via a co-axial cable to transfer audio digitally to the DAW. When I set the digital clock source to the PC's co-axial input everything is hunky dory. If I disconnect the PC and use the internal digital clock in the VS, it plays back at a slower speed. Obviously, the digital clock in the PC isn't relating somehow to the clock in the VS. Likewise, if I record something on the VS without using the PC clock and then use the PC clock the audio speeds up. This is driving me mad! How can I lock them together to run at the same speed so I don't get this problem?

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Reviews Editor Mike Senior replies: I'm guessing that your PC audio interface is operating at 48kHz (which is the only sampling rate offered by some entry-level soundcards) while your VS2480 is operating at 44.1kHz. If you can change the soundcard's sampling rate to 44.1kHz via your sequencer, then that may sort out the problem. Otherwise, create a new VS2480 song and set it to a 48kHz sampling rate. Either way, you want the same sample rate to be used in both machines, otherwise you'll get this pitch-change problem.

Check that the Roland VS2480's Vari Pitch function is turned off in the Utility menu, as shown here.Check that the Roland VS2480's Vari Pitch function is turned off in the Utility menu, as shown here.

If you find that both machines are in fact nominally set to the same sample rate, then you'll want to check that the VS2480 Vari Pitch function isn't active. To do this, go into the Utility menu and select the PlayRec pages. On page one are the Vari Pitch Sw and Vari Pitch settings. Just make sure that Vari Pitch Sw is set to Off (see above).

Published April 2005