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Big Sounds From Small Amps: Media

Audio files to accompany the article.
Published July 2008

Big Sounds From Small Amps: Audio Files.

This track begins with an example of one guitar panned left and a copy of that track panned right and delayed 60ms using an analogue delay plug-in. Four bars later it switches to two electric tracks panned left (one delayed 8ms with Live's Track Delay function) and two tracks of acoustic guitar panned right (one track delayed 14ms with Live's Track Delay function). After four more bars you will hear four tracks of electric guitars delayed varying amounts and using differing amp model plug-ins and settings.

Guitars panned hard right and left with a 20ms delay on the right.

Guitars panned more centrally, with the same delay on the right as on the file bigguitar1.mp3.

Two electric guitars panned left, with one panned hard and one less so. An 8ms track delay has been added to the more centrally panned one. The acoustic guitars are panned right with a 14ms track delay on the more centrally panned one.