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Cubase: Flux Capacity

Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques
Published June 2018
By John Walden

Flux is a wavetable-based synth engine, included in Cubase Pro and Artist 9.5’s Halion Sonic SE3.Flux is a wavetable-based synth engine, included in Cubase Pro and Artist 9.5’s Halion Sonic SE3.

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Cubase 9.5 brought Pro and Artist users the Flux wavetable synth engine in Halion Sonic SE 3, and it offers something very different from Cubase’s other synths. It features twin wavetable oscillators, sub and noise sound sources, flexible filter, envelope and LFO options, a very well-featured arpeggiator, and a powerful, yet accessible, modulation matrix. Wavetable synthesis can be quite versatile for sound creation, and a great starting point for ‘other worldy’ pads in particular. In fact, Flux ships with some very cool presets that fall into this category, so to explain how you can make the most of it, I’ll deconstruct one of those presets, called Butterfly Dreams.

Give A Wave

Flux’s control...

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Published June 2018