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Cubase: Padshop 2’s Modulation Matrix: Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By John Walden
Published April 2020

Check out these audio examples which accompany the April 2020 issue's Cubase: Padshop 2 tutorial.

In SOS March 2020’s introduction to Cubase 10.5’s Padshop 2 synth ( I explained how to turn your own audio samples into basic pad sounds with only a few of the synth’s Grain Oscillator controls. Those sounds were usable enough, but also a little ‘static’ for some tastes, and Padshop 2 has plenty of options for injecting more interest and movement into the sound, as I explain in SOS April 2020's Padshop 2 tutorial.

These audio examples each represent a different stage in the development of the example pad sound — as described in the main text.

Differences between some steps are subtle, but the difference between the original sample and the final version of the pad demonstrates how these small changes combine to create an evolving — and much more engaging — pad sound.


The raw sample imported into Padshop 2.


The sound after configuring the Grain Oscillator settings outlined in Part 1 [March 2020] of this workshop but without any modulation applied.


The Position parameter modulated via LFO1.


In addition to (03), Speed and Duration parameters are modulated by LFO2 and LFO3.


In addition to (04), the filter cutoff, resonance and distortion (tube) parameters are modulated by various sources.


As well as (05), the Step Modulator is used to modulate volume but offset via the mod wheel.


In addition to (06), the Grain Oscillator’s Spread, Offset and Number parameters and modulated using manual control via the mod wheel.


In addition to (07), some of Padshop’s effects are added. This represents the ‘finished’ pad sound and a slightly longer performance example is provided.

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