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Media Content | February 2019

Hear For Yourself By Various
Published February 2019

Listing of all SOS February 2019 articles that hold associated media files.

  • You'll find links to ZIP files in the righthand sidebar of each article or SoundCloud players embedded in the text.
  • ZIP files typically contain both hi-res WAVs for importing into your DAW, plus MP3 versions and accompanying ReadMe text file.

Get Good Drums Modern & Massive — sample library.

Heavyocity Novo Synthetic Strings — sample library.

Mix Rescue: Michaela Betts & Alessia McDermott — audio files.

Piano Recording & Mixing Techniques At GSI Studios — video (Part 2)

Toontrack Drums Of Destruction EZX — EZ Drummer 2 expansion kit.

Unorthodox Audio Superfly Drums — sample library.