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Mix Rescue: Adam Bevan | Audio Files

Hear For Yourself By Paul White
Published June 2009

These audio files are presented in both MP3 (for auditioning) and AIF, for more serious critical listening and comparison in your DAW software.

Full Mix Original Audio icon fullmixoriginal.mp3 AIF

Adam Bevan's original mix of 'Deserts'.

Full Mix After Audio icon fullmixafter.mp3 AIF

Paul White's remix of 'Deserts'

Acoustic Guitar Original Audio icon acousticguitaroriginal.mp3 AIF

This files is the original acoustic guitar part as supplied by Adam.

Acoustic Guitar Processed Audio icon acousticguitarprocessed.mp3 AIF

This is the acoustic guitar part as processed in Paul White's mix.

Grunge Guitar Original Audio icon grungeguitaroriginal.mp3 AIF

The original grunge guitar part as supplied by Adam Bevan.

Grunge Guitar Processed Audio icon grungeguitarprocessed.mp3 AIF

The re-processed grunge guitar part as used in Paul White's mix.

Guitar Bass Original Audio icon guitarbassoriginal.mp3 AIF

The bass part played on guitar, as used in Adam's original mix.

Guitar Bass Processed Audio icon guitarbassprocessed.mp3 AIF

The bass-line guitar part as processed by Paul White to get a more obviously synthetic sound.

Remodelled Break Audio icon remodelledbreak.mp3 AIF

The slightly re-worked break section in Paul White's mix.

Tweaked Ending Audio icon tweakedending.mp3 AIF

The re-worked ending of Paul White's mix.

Vocal Original Dry Audio icon vocaloriginaldry.mp3 AIF

The original unprocessed vocal part.

Vocal Processed Audio icon vocalprocessed.mp3 AIF

The vocal part as treated in Paul White's remix.