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Mix Rescue: Richard Wilkinson | Audio Files

Hear For Yourself
Published February 2008

It's a tall order this month, as we're asked to remix a reader's recording to sound like a big-budget Bond theme!

A basic balance of the overheads and room tracks during the chorus, as heard directly from Toontrack's EZ Drummer.

The same two stereo tracks processed for a more aggressive sound.

The full chorus drum sound, as it appears in the remix.

The same section of drums, but with the two distortion send effects muted to illustrate how they contribute to the overall sound.

The synth and electric bass parts as recorded.

The same parts processed with dynamics and distortion effects to add extra mid-range energy.

A basic balance of the two original chorus guitar tracks, recorded by Wilx's friend Tom Warner using a Line 6 modelling guitar preamp.

The same tracks processed in the remix to try to bring out more of the notes of the chords.

The additional overdubbed guitar layers added by Tom Adams, processed as in the remix.

The final remixed guitar sound, layering together Tom Warner's and Tom Adam's performances. Gives a new meaning to the phrase 'stereo toms'...

The combined lead and backing vocal sound from the remix in isolation.

A mix of the raw chorus string tracks Wilx bounced out of Synful Orchestra.

Here are the same string tracks soloed in the remix.

Unprocessed and remixed versions of a section of the verse lead vocal.

The two drum loops Wilx had used to create the verse groove.

The processed combination of these loops in the remix, complete with the replacement kick-drum sound.

Wilx's original normalised mix of 'Dressed To Kill'.

The mixdown file I exported from Cubase, without any of the extra mastering processing.

The remix processed using GStereo and Genecomp 3 for a hyped sound more in line with the reference tracks.

The remix as heard through the extreme mastering processing I used to compare it with Wilx's reference tracks.