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Reverb Rating | Media

Audio files to accompany the article. By John Walden
Published September 2015

Cubase Pro 8 gives you four different reverb plug-ins to choose from, but which one should you be using?

These files accompany the Cubase Technique article in the September 2015 issue of SOS

Download | 12.5 MB

Reverb Rating Audio Examples

The audio examples on this page accompany John Walden’s Cubase technique workshop in SOS September 2015.


This example uses a short vocal and short drum phrase. In each case, the short audio section is repeated six times with the following treatments; dry, Revelation, Reverence, Roomworks (Efficiency setting on 10), Roomworks (Efficiency setting on 50), Roomworks SE. In this example, a short ‘room’-style reverb has been selected in each case with a reverb time of around 1 second.


This second audio example is identical in structure to the first but a ‘cathedral’-style reverb has been selected in each case with a reverb time of around 2-3 seconds. The gaps between the audio sections have also been extended so the reverb tails can be heard more clearly.


This third audio example is similar in structure to the first two but, instead of the drum loop as the second sound source, a single dry snare hit has been used. The reverb treatment used is an ‘ambience’ setting that emphasises the ‘early reflections’ part of the reverb processing (Revelation and Reverence allow independent adjustment of the early reflections and tail; for Roomworks, a short reverb time has been used to simulate the same effect).

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