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Session Notes: Elephant Tree | Media

The Practical Craft Of Recording
Published October 2015

These files accompany the Session Notes article in the October 2015 issue of SOS

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Session Notes: Audio Examples

The audio examples on this page accompany the Session Notes feature in SOS October 2015, in which Riley MacIntyre recorded the stoner/doom-metal band Elephant Tree at The Church recording studio in London. These files demonstrate the results achieved using the techniques described in the article. You can hear the final mix of the full track at


The drums as heard through the ambient drum mics, with no close mic signals playing.

session_notes_1015_ambient_and_close mics_01

A blend of the ambient and close mics on the drum kit.


The lead guitar sound, which made use of a replica EMS Synthi HiFli and Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth.


The rhythm guitar parts as captured when the amps were in their isolation booths — not bad, but perhaps lacking a little something?


The original rhythm guitars again, but this time augmented by the overdubs captured from the amp on the main tracking floor — a much fuller, more satisfying result.


The strummed sitar part, using the techniques described in the main article.