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The Practical Craft Of Recording By Sam Inglis
Published November 2012

These audio files accompany the Session Notes article in SOS November 2012. I made live, one-room location recordings of folk-rock band Model Village; the band then overdubbed replacement lead vocals and other instruments.



Two rough mixes of the first song we recorded, both with overdubbed vocals and tremolo guitar. The first mix uses the original guide acoustic part; at a later session, Piers recorded a replacement acoustic part, not to mention accordion, mandolin, fuzz guitar and vibraslap.


I recorded the bass with a DI off the amp and a mic in front of the speaker. Here I've hard-panned the two signals so that the differences become clear -- the main one being that there's quite a bit of noise and drum spill on the mic signal.


Even though we were using a floor wedge rather than headphones for vocal monitoring, spill from other instruments into the drum overheads is at a low enough level not to be a problem.


With the band recording together in one room, I was grateful for the pickup in Piers' acoustic guitar! This example has the pickup signal panned to one side, and the signal from an AKG D19 mic placed very close to the bridge panned the other way. As you can hear, the miked signal is usable in the quiet section of the song, but is overwhelmed by drum spill at the end.




Rachel's guide vocals were recorded live in the room, on a Shure SM7B dynamic microphone. As you can hear, the performance and the vocal tone are fine, but there is a lot of drum spill. The second and third examples here show the replacement lead vocal, recorded on an AKG C414EB, first raw and then with compression and reverb.