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Session Notes: Selwyn Jazz Part 1 | Media

Audio Files By Matt Houghton
Published December 2012

These audio files accompany the Session Notes feature published in SOS December 2012, in which the SOS Team ran the recording session for jazz big band Selwyn Jazz, at Homerton College, Cambrige on 5 July 2012.

Download | 76 Mb

Further files will be added to accompany the follow-up Mix Rescue feature in the next issue, in which SOS's tame mix engineer will take the tracks from this session and transform them into a finished mix.

We recorded three separate tracks on the day, one with a female lead vocalist, one with a male, and an instrumental. We were kindly granted permission to use our recordings of the arrangement of the song 'Much Too Much' as examples for our readers.

The audio files are as follows:


This is the stereo monitor mix of the preferred take, as heard in the control room during the tracking sessions, and comprises a blend of close-mic and room mic sources.


This is a recording of the cue mix Hugh created in real time for the vocalist during the vocal overdub sessions on the day.  

Published December 2012