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Sound Design Using Guitars | Podcast

Creating Electronic Music By Paul White
Published June 2023
Paul White

Paul White takes us on a sonic journey as he explores the endless possibilities of sound design using a guitar as your sound source. Through the use of foot pedals and effects plug-ins he demonstrates the synth-like sound and textures it can bring to your electronic music.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:55 - Guitars As A Sound Source
03:55 - Sustaining Notes
06:10 - Using An EBow
07:09 - Adding Vibrato
07:48 - Emulating Multiple Oscillators
08:54 - Adding Plug-in Effects
10:16 - Using Granular Delays
11:40 - Creating Percussive And Rhythmic Effects
13:43 - The Completed Soundscape


Paul White - Guitar Synthesizers: A Personal Journey

Presenter: Paul White - Biog

Paul White with Roland GR-500 and Transcendent 2000.The author with Roland GR-500 and Transcendent 2000 c.mid-1970s.Paul White initially trained in electronics at The Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, UK, then went on to work with Malvern Instruments, a company specialising in laser analysis equipment, before moving into technical writing.

He joined the Sound On Sound team in 1991 where he became Editor In Chief, a position he held for many years before becoming Executive Editor in 2020. Paul has written more than 20 recording and music technology textbooks, the latest being The Producer’s Manual.

Having established his own multitrack home studio in the 1980s Paul has worked with many notable names, including guitarists Bert Jansch and Gordon Giltrap. He’s played in various bands over the years and currently collaborates with Malvern musician Mark Soden, under the name of Cydonia Collective. Paul still performs live claiming that as he has suffered for his music he doesn’t see why everyone else shouldn’t too!

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