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Technique Workshop | Audio

Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques By John Walden
Published November 2009

The following audio examples accompany this month's Cubase Technique column, about extracting MIDI information from audio files using Cubase's Variaudio.

Guitar Extraction Audio icon guitarextraction.mp3

This short clip includes four sections. It starts with the untreated DI'ed electric guitar phrase. This was then subjected to the MIDI extraction process as described in the main article and three versions of that are included. The first contained no pitchbend data and is played back via a sampled piano. The third and fourth used continuous pitchbend data and are played back via sampled sax and lead synth patches respectively. When heard in isolation, the sax phrase, while not a complete disaster, is perhaps not as convincing as the synth performance.

Bass Extraction Audio icon bassextraction.mp3

This short clip features a DI'ed electric bass phrase. MIDI extraction has been performed and this is then played with a bass synth patch. Three versions are presented; bass synth in isolation (no pitchbend data), DI'ed electric bass and bass synth (no pitchbend data) layered and DI'ed electric bass and bass synth (with pitchbend data) layered. Both of the layered versions could be used to add extra weight to the bottom end of a mix.

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