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Classic Tracks

We break down and analyse how these golden classic tracks were created, then recorded, mixed, and produced -- with contributions from the record producers, sound engineers and artists involved.

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    Classic Tracks: Kate Bush 'Wuthering Heights'

    Producer: Andrew Powell • Engineer: Jon Kelly

    Kate Bush's 1978 smash hit debut single was also the first major project Jon Kelly had recorded. It proved to be a dream start for both artist and engineer, and a perfect illustration of the benefits of working with talented session musicians.

    Techniques Jun 2004
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    Classic Tracks: Tina Turner 'What's Love Got To Do With It?'

    Producer: Terry Britten • Engineer: John Hudson

    In 1984, a dose of British soul resurrected Tina Turner's flagging career in spectacular style. For engineer John Hudson, the recording of 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' also provided a memorable example of the 'less is more' principle in action...

    Techniques May 2004
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    Classic Tracks: The Rolling Stones 'Start Me Up'

    Engineer: Chris Kimsey

    In 1981, 'Start Me Up' became one of the Rolling Stones' biggest hit singles. Yet it was actually a reject from a previous session, and only saw the light of day because its infamous co-writers had fallen out...

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    Classic Tracks: The Police 'Every Breath You Take'

    Producers: The Police, Hugh Padgham • Engineer: Hugh Padgham

    The Police's final studio album was both a technical and artistic tour de force, and yielded one of their most memorable hit singles. Yet the three members were unable to play in the same room without a fight breaking out, so the recording sessions proved tough going for engineer and co-producer Hugh Padgham...

    Techniques Mar 2004
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    Classic Tracks: Natalie Cole & Nat 'King' Cole 'Unforgettable'

    Producer: David Foster • Engineer: Al Schmitt

    Half a century in the business has seen recording engineer Al Schmitt reach the very top of his profession, but even a man of his experience can find himself faced with new challenges. So it was in 1991, when he was called upon to turn a classic Nat 'King' Cole recording into a duet with Cole's daughter Natalie...

    Techniques Jan 2004
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    Classic Tracks: The Doors 'Strange Days'

    Producer: Paul Rothchild • Engineeer: Bruce Botnick

    Engineer and producer Bruce Botnick recorded some of the greatest artifacts of West Coast psychedelia, among them the first five albums by The Doors. Here he describes the making of their influential second album and its title track, which saw them develop their live sound through radical experimentation in the studio.

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Classic Tracks: Cliff Richard 'Move It'

    Producer: Norrie Paramor • Engineer: Malcolm Addey

    This month, Sound On Sound begins a major new series, looking back in detail at the engineering and production behind some of the most historically significant recordings ever made, with the story of the first and greatest British rock & roll record.

    Techniques Nov 2003


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