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PSPaudioware PSP ConsoleQ v2 analogue console emulation equaliser plug-in

PSPaudioware upgrade PSP ConsoleQ plug-in

PSP ConsoleQ has gained cosmetic and functional improvments, with a new spectrum analyser view accompanied by additional operation options and an overhauled preset system.

PSP Audioware PSP stereoController2 stereo balance width adjust mid-side decode correlation plug-in

PSP stereoController2 from PSPaudioware

PSP Audioware’s latest plug-in offers control and adjustment over incorrectly recorded stereo material, as well as providing a range of useful processing options for the later stages of a mix.

PSP Audioware auralComp multi-channel immersive surround Dolby Atmos audio compression compressor limiter plug-in

PSPaudioware introduce PSP auralComp

PSP auralComp is capable of providing up to 16 channels of compression for multi-channel audio sources, and features some versatile side-chain submixing facilities. 

PSP Audioware PSP 285 semi-modular delay modulation saturation effect plug-in

PSPaudioware announce PSP 285

PSPaudioware have announced the release of PSP 285, a new semi-modular delay plug-in that comes equipped with built-in saturation effects, a selection of filters, and a flexible modulation section.


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