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Arturia 25 Years Of Software Synthesis | Podcast

The Journey Continues By Sam Inglis
Published May 2024
President and co-founder of Arturia, Frédéric BrunPresident and co-founder of Arturia, Frédéric Brun

President and co-founder of Arturia, Frédéric Brun, talks to Sam Inglis about the company's eventful history, taking in highlights such as the innovative MiniBrute, the epic PolyBrute and the company's first stage keyboard, the new AstroLab.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
01:52 - Storm & The Early Days Of Software Synthesis
02:53 - Emulating Classic Analogue Synths
07:23 - How To Approach An Emulation
08:24 - IRCAM And Physical Modelling
10:56 - Expanding Into Hardware
13:43 - The MiniBrute: Arturia's First Analogue Synth
18:16 - Synths For iPad & iOS
20:03 - The MatrixBrute
24:26 - The Importance Of User Feedback
26:48 - Development Time
28:53 - Moving Into Different Market Sectors
30:36 - Pigments: An Original Soft Synth
31:37 - The PolyBrute Morphing Analogue Polysynth
33:32 - AstroLab: Arturia's Stage Keyboard

Arturia - Biog

Based in the French city of Grenoble, Arturia have built on their roots as pioneering developers of virtual instruments to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of analogue, digital and software synthesizers, controller keyboards and audio interfaces.

Launched in 1999 by college friends Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, the company initially started out by developing software that could accurately emulate retro analogue synths. In 2003 they started to work with some of the major manufacturers, turning out virtual versions of classic Moog, Roland, Yamaha and Sequential Circuits synths.

In 2012 they launched their first analogue synth, the MiniBrute, later followed by the MicroBrute, MatrixBrute and PolyBrute.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, the company continues to grow and their product line now includes a wide range of soft synths, apps, controllers, audio interfaces and hardware synthesizers.

SOS Editor In Chief, Sam InglisInterviewer: Sam Inglis - Biog

Editor In Chief Sam Inglis has been with Sound On Sound for more than 20 years. He is a recording engineer, producer, songwriter and folk musician who studies the traditional songs of England and Scotland, and is the author of two books: Neil Young's Harvest (Bloomsbury, 2003) and Teach Yourself Songwriting (Hodder, 2006).

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