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Inside AIR Studios

Published April 2023

Thirty years ago, visionary producer Sir George Martin saw the need for a London studio that could record cinematic film scores. Lyndhurst Hall at AIR remains a favourite destination for Hollywood composers, rock bands and pop stars, and it's just emerged from a stunning renovation.

Sound On Sound visited the converted mission school in Hampstead, London to tour the facilities and meet the staff who keep AIR at the top of its game.


00:00 - Introduction
00:41 - AIR Studios Development And History
02:51 - AIR: Associated Independent Recording
05:02 - Recording & Mixing Studios At AIR
06:15 - Apprenticeships And Learning On The Job
09:02 - Assistant Engineers Setting Up Mics For A String Recording
10:52 - Friendly Atmosphere At AIR
12:17 - AIR Engineer Rupert Coulson
12:56 - Producer's Role In A Classical Recording
13:35 - Recording Pop & Rock vs Film Music
14:35 - Making The Most Of AIR's Unique Spaces
15:30 - Most Memorable Recording Session
16:50 - Pressure Of Recording Sound For Picture
18:48 - AIR's In-house Technical Team
20:47 - Custom Neve Consoles At AIR
23:30 - George Martin & Rupert Neve's Association With AIR
24:39 - Maintaining Analogue Consoles And Finding Components
26:38 - Vintage Microphones, Reliability And Neumann Reissues
28:57 - What Is Distinctive About AIR Studios?
31:02 - Sir George Martin's Legacy
34:11 - Outro

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