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Francine Perry - MPG Awards 2023 | Podcast

Francine Perry - MPG Awards 2023

Francine Perry is an artist, producer and mix engineer. In this interview she talks with SOS's Sam Inglis about her career so far and being nominated in the Rising Star category for her work with Beth Orton, Erasure and HAAi while based at Mute Studio.

Now in their 15th year, the MPG Awards celebrate the best British talent working behind the scenes in the music industry. The winners will be announced at the MPG Awards ceremony on 27th April 2023.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:24 - Rising Star Nomination
01:10 - Career So Far
02:49 - La Leif And ORKA
03:16 - Electronic Music
03:45 - Analogue Synths And Modular
04:29 - Projects At Mute
05:24 - Nominated Projects
06:09 - Working With Beth Orton
07:38 - Being Multi-Skilled
09:03 - The Omnii Collective

Francine Perry - Biog

Francine Perry is an artist producer/mixer based in London. She was in-house engineer at Mute Studio working on projects including Erasure, Desire Marea, Visionist/Louis Carnell and KÁRYYN. More recently Francine has set up a studio with HAAi and is working on her own production and mix projects. Her more recent projects include Beth Orton's album Weather Alive (engineer and synths), HAAi's album Baby We're Ascending (mix and additional production) and Keeley Forsyth’s album Limbs (mix).

In 2018 Francine received the Oram Award, which celebrates innovation in music, sound and related technology, and she also co-founded the Omnii Collective which aims to inspire women, trans and non-binary sound enthusiasts to operate in all aspects of audio production. Francine works in many different capacities including live setup / musical directing (HAAi, Romy, Elkka), live performance of her artist tracks (La Leif and ORKA), production, mixing, co-writing and additional production.

SOS Editor In Chief Sam InglisInterviewer: Sam Inglis - Biog

Editor In Chief Sam Inglis has been with Sound On Sound for more than 20 years. He is a recording engineer, producer, songwriter and folk musician who studies the traditional songs of England and Scotland, and is the author of two books: Neil Young's Harvest (Bloomsbury, 2003) and Teach Yourself Songwriting (Hodder, 2006).

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