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Inside RAK Studios

Founded by legendary record producer Mickie Most, RAK Studios in London has hosted sessions by the likes of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and Adele. It also houses one of the finest collections of recording equipment and instruments on the planet, including two original API consoles.

In this Sound On Sound exclusive feature video, we explore the former Victorian schoolhouse and meet the people who help RAK maintain its reputation as one of the world’s premier recording venues.


00:00 - Introduction
00:39 - The Four Studios At RAK
01:55 - History Of RAK Studios And Founder Mickie Most
04:01 - Training Audio Engineers In-House
05:23 - Working Ethos Of RAK Studios
08:13 - RAK’s Maintenance Department
10:38 - Vintage API Mixing Console
11:38 - Maintaining Vintage Consoles In A Working Studio
13:54 - Importance Of Professional Recording Studios
15:47 - Microphone Collection At RAK Studios
17:43 - Studio 4 Dolby Atmos Installation
19:26 - Favourite Moments At RAK Studios
20:26 - Outro

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