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Will Purton - MPG Awards 2023 | Podcast

Will Purton - MPG Awards 2023 Nominee

Will Purton is a London-based recording engineer, mixer and producer, and an in-house engineer at RAK Studios. In this interview Sam Inglis talks to him about his career so far and being nominated in the Rising Star category for the 2023 Music Producers Guild Awards.

Now in their 15th year, the MPG Awards celebrate the best British talent working behind the scenes in the music industry. The winners will be announced at the MPG Awards ceremony on 27th April 2023.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:24 - Getting Started In The Industry
01:51 - Training At LIPA
02:48 - Going Straight Into A Studio Job
04:23 - Helping To Develop Local Bands
05:05 - The Shift To London Studios
06:19 - Working At RAK Studios
09:03 - The New Atmos Room
10:17 - Recent Projects
11:51 - Recording Liam Gallagher
14:35 - Processing During Recording
16:17 - Creative And Technical Decisions
18:33 - Recent Projects

Will Purton - Biog

Will Purton is an engineer for RAK Studios and enjoys capturing great performances tastefully and without fuss, helping artists to get their music to sound as good as it does in their imagination. With a musical ear and a calm attitude, Will’s aim is to make every session an enjoyable process for his clients.

After almost a decade spent working in studios, 2021 and ’22 saw a number of high profile releases which Will recorded, the biggest being Liam Gallagher’s C’mon You Know which debuted at Number 1 in the album charts. Chelsea Carmichael’s The River Doesn’t Like Strangers and Con & Kwake’s Eyes In The Tower have both been making waves in the jazz world too, marking the start of a continuing collaboration between Will and producer Shabaka Hutchings for his Native Rebel Recordings label.

SOS Editor In Chief Sam InglisInterviewer: Sam Inglis - Biog

Editor In Chief Sam Inglis has been with Sound On Sound for more than 20 years. He is a recording engineer, producer, songwriter and folk musician who studies the traditional songs of England and Scotland, and is the author of two books: Neil Young's Harvest (Bloomsbury, 2003) and Teach Yourself Songwriting (Hodder, 2006).

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