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64audio Nio in-ear monitors announced

Hybrid IEMs combine BAs with dynamic driver

64audio Nio

Premium in-ear monitor makers 64audio impressed us earlier this year with their U12t, which boasted a massive 12 drivers per earpiece. That model used balanced-armature drivers exclusively, but their latest design — the universal-fit Nio — combines eight balanced armatures with a relatively traditional 9mm dynamic driver. The idea is that the dynamic driver can play to its strengths (namely the ability to move lots of air) by handling the lows, while the multiple lightweight BAs keep to the higher end of the spectrum, where fast movement is more critical than excursion.

The new Nio IEMs thus boast a frequency response from as low as 10Hz up to 20kHz, and ample sensitivity of 105dB/mW. They also come with a selection of fittings which provide different levels of acoustic isolation. The 'standard' mX fitting attenuates outside sounds by 10dB, while two vented Apex fittings, the m15 and m20, provide 15 and 20 dB of attenuation respectively.

If they're anything like the other 64audio models we've heard, then these new IEMs will be very impressive indeed — though that quality comes at a price, as the Nio carries an MSRP of $1699.

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