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Heritage Audio launch BritStrip

New channel strip evokes classic British consoles

Heritage Audio BritStrip

Madrid-based outboard manufacturers Heritage Audio have just announced the BritStrip, a combined preamp, EQ and compressor inspired by the classic Neve consoles of old.

The BritStrip can accommodate mic, line and instrument signals (the first two on rear-panel XLRs, and the instrument input via a quarter-inch jack with accompanying thru out), all of which go through a custom Carnhill input transformer. The preamp can dish out a generous 80dB of gain, and features a -20dB pad, a polarity-invert switch, and input impedance options of either 300 or 1200 Ω.

The EQ section comprises a high-pass filter (with a variety of turnover frequencies, between 50 and 300 Hz), low- and high-shelving filters (again at a broad range of frequencies, and with the option to set them individually to act as peaking filters), and a sweepable, peaking mid band, with both high-Q and low-Q options.

Based on Heritage Audio's Successor, the compression section offers full control over threshold, ratio and release, and selectable normal or fast attack speeds. A blend control is present, allowing for parallel compression, and you can also filter the side-chain input in a variety of ways. Low-pass filtering (at 80, 160, 800 or 5000 Hz) lets you apply heavy compression without kick-induced pumping, while the 3kHz setting applies a peaking boost to the side-chain input, which effectively turns it into a de-esser.

Lastly, the VU meter over on the right can be set to show the channel strip's output level, or the amount of gain reduction being applied by the compressor.

Heritage Audio BritStrip front panel.

Heritage Audio's BritStrip is available now, and carries a US price of $2499, and an EU price of €2499 including VAT.

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