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Ableton announce Live 5

Major update adds a wealth of new features
Ableton have released details of Live version 5, the latest big step forward for their wildly popular music creation and performance software.
Set for release in late July, version 5 features a whole host of new features and enhancements, including plug-in delay compensation and the ability to freeze clips in order to free up CPU power and set and recall marker points in the arrangement on the fly.
Automatic tempo-matching is another welcome new feature, as is MP3 audio support, Mackie Control support (which, of course, also covers any control surface which has a Mackie Control mode) and the ability to save and load clips, together with all associated data and settings, and complex device groups.
In terms of presentation, there's a new clip transport window offering immediate access to multiple functions and an improved browser system which now covers instrument and effects presets as well as files.
Live 5 also features six new effects (five might have made more sense, but we're not complaining!) — Beat Repeat, Phaser, Flanger, Auto Pan, Saturator and Arpeggiator — and the Simpler sampler has been updated.
You can find a full list of new features on the Ableton web site.

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