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Abletunes introduce Infinite Keys for Ableton Live

Free instrument samples vintage synths & acoustic instruments

Abletunes Infinite Keys free Ableton Live Instrument Rack vintage analogue synth sounds

Abletunes offer a wide range of templates, presets, instruments and plug-ins for Ableton Live users, many of which are available as free downloads. Their latest offering, Infinite Keys, is a dual-layer Instrument Rack that samples over 30 vintage and modern analogue synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

As its name suggests, the instrument has been designed to offer a huge selection of synth and keyboard sounds. There are lo-fi and electric keys along with grand and upright acoustic pianos, as well as a vast collection of synth pads and leads, all of which promise to offer plenty of analogue-style character. Some more unusual additions are also present, including the likes of pipe organ, xylophone and kalimba samples. As well as sampled instruments, Infinite Keys is also kitted out with a pair of effect selectors which offer 40 pre-designed effects processors that range from EQs and tone shapers to modulations and complex effects chains.

All of the source sounds are provided by a 3.5GB sample library, which contains everything from basic waveforms to multi-sampled acoustic and electronic instruments. The Rack is powered purely by Live’s built-in devices and effects, with key parameters mapped to 16 macro controls by default, meaning that users can either quickly start creating their own custom sounds directly from the simple main interface, or expand the controls in order adjust the underlying components. For those looking for instant inspiration a Rand button placed at the top of the GUI will instantly randomise all of the settings, offering new and interesting sounds with a single click.


Infinite Keys is compatible with Ableton Live Standard or Suite, versions 11.0.12 or higher.


Infinite Keys is available now, and is free to download.

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