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Foundation: Guitars from Abletunes

Latest free Ableton Live instrument racks

Abletunes Foundation Guitars Ableton Live Rack acoustic electric guitar lo-fi synth pad sample pack

Abletunes have announced the most recent release in their series of free instrument add-ons for Ableton Live. Foundation: Guitars contains a total of 30 multi-sampled guitar instrument racks, offering a mixture of clean acoustic and electric instruments as well as a selection of processed sounds designed for a wide variety of musical genres.

10 of the racks consist of clean samples of acoustic and electric instruments, with a variety of nylon and steel string acoustics present, along with a selection of six- and 12-string electric models. The remaining 20 racks then provide a range of pre-processed guitar sounds, with subtle offerings such as emulations of classic reggae guitar tones joined by more extreme overdriven and distorted metal sounds. As well as traditional-sounding guitar tones, there are also a number of racks dedicated to providing lo-fi and synth-like patches.

Nearly all of the racks include include up to five velocity layers, helping to ensure Foundation: Guitars offers a natural sound and a dynamic playing experience. Each rack benefits from a set of macro controls that provide easy adjustment over delay and reverb parameters, as well as a selection of controls to shape the overall tone of the samples.

Some of the racks also include additional parameters which allow users to control functions such as release time, muting, guitar body hits and feedback, which can also be automated to create realistic-sounding performances.


Foundation: Guitars requires a copy of Ableton Live. No effects from the Suite edition have been used, so the pack is fully compatible with the Standard edition of the software.


Foundation: Guitars is available now as a free download from the Abletunes website.

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